About Us

Global Peace House (Khoyratty) is the coordinating office of Brahma Kumaris for the North and Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. It is open to all people, irrespective of their socio-economic or cultural backgrounds, who are in search of meaning and purpose of their true self so as to improve the quality of their personal, family and professional life.


The vision for the construction of a centre in the North emerged in 1984 with the start of a service centre in the capital city, Port Louis, which also became the ‘Mother’ for service activities in the north.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

The foundation stone laying ceremony was performed by Dadi Sheel Indra from India in the presence of several members of the Parliament and Ministers in 1992.

Construction is underway for the ground floor

The objective was to have a special place where people of all backgrounds would come together and experience peace, power and happiness in a serene and conducive atmosphere. As the old proverb says ‘Good things come to those who wait’, the birth of the Centre took place on 3rd November 1993.

Inauguration of GPH

Global Peace House was inaugurated on 3rd November 1993 by Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris Centres in the UK. The Centre was blessed by the latter ‘as a place that will give Light, Might, Divine Insight and God’s Birth-right to everyone’.

Since its inception in 1993, thousands have attended the Centre’s various courses, lectures and educational programmes, offered for free, during indoor and outreach programmes and  have experienced the fulfilment of Sister Jayanti’s blessing.

2nd Phase of GPH

In 1996, Sister Mohini from New York along with Sis. Dorothy inaugurated the Hall.

From humble beginnings with a flat building, the premises now accommodate a 3-floor complex. The Centre is found at 5 mins’ drive from the SSR Botanical Garden and is bounded on the rear side by a river and on the front side by the main road leading to the garden.

GPH has also expanded its activities:

1. Opening and managing the running of Inner Space Meditation Centre located in a strategic prime location in the commercial area of the capital – Port Louis.

2. Opening a meditation centre at Goodlands, located in Morcellement St Antoine near the market.

3. Opening a Meditation Centre at Triolet, opposite the Medi-Clinic.

3. Overseeing a sub centre in Rivière du Rempart.