Earth Day 2022

Event Recording

Uniting for Mother Earth, Inspiring for a Greener Future

The world will be commemorating ‘Earth Day’ on Friday 22 April 2022. Each year, we dwell on facts and figures and witness how our ecology is tipping to a No return point. This year we are called upon to ‘Invest in the planet’ which is the actual theme for Earth Day 2022.

However, how can we invest if we are not convinced that our little actions can make a difference and what is the authentic investment that we are called upon to perform? Finances and funds are not enough to mitigate climate change. There is a dire need to review our lifestyles and also invest resources in transforming our attitude and practices towards Mother Earth.

In this context, the Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House is organising an online (Zoom) program ‘Uniting for Mother Earth – Inspiring for a Greener Future’ on Thursday 21st April 2022 at 20: 00 hrs. This program will highlight success stories and will invite the audience for a reflective meditation session on how to share our healing vibes to Mother Earth.

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Sonja Ohlsson

Sonja is the national coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Denmark, and is a meditation teacher with the Prison and Probation Service in Copenhagen. Sonja teaches positive thinking, stress management, self-development and Raja Yoga meditation to staff of companies and universities in Denmark and internationally. She also facilitates Inner Leadership courses designed for the business community.

In 2009, Sonja was instrumental in developing the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative in order to meet the need for a higher environmental awareness within the international Brahma Kumaris ( BK) community, and also to add the inner dimension to discussions at the UN Climate Change Conferences. The BK Environment Initiative delegation has been actively participating in the annual UN Conferences on Climate Change from Copenhagen in 2009 to Bonn in 2017 and the UN Conference on Sustainability Rio + 20 in Rio de Janeiro 2012. Sonja conducts green retreats for the BK community around the world, and has also travelled with the lecture series Living in Harmony.

Vassen Kauppaymuthoo

Vassen is a qualified Oceanographer as well as CEO Registered Professional Environmental Engineer, Director as well as main consultant of Delphinium Ltd which is an environment and oceanography consultancy office, comprising of 10 technical and administrative staff. Vassen’s organization collaborates with several international institutions including the Rimouski Oceanographic Centre in Canada and the Ecole des Mines in France and ensures cost effective and timely delivery of the consultancy works and reports of the company to clients.

Vassen also promotes and carries out capacity building activities for the staff and overseas trainees, mobilises resources and collaborates with local and international donor agencies including the United Nations Development Programme, the European Union, Canada, Australia, France, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Commonwealth Foundation, and the private sectors.

Sister Gaitree

Sister Gaitree is the Chairperson of the Brahma Kumaris for Mauritius. With 40+ years of meditation practice, her words of wisdom touch the depth of our hearts, leading us to peacefulness and tranquillity which is the basis for creativity and innovation.

Sister Gaitree organizes and facilitates seminars as well as retreats which enable the audience to learn on how to tap into their inner powers to become mentally very strong. With her own vast experience, she guided many people on how to develop the capability to face adverse situations with a smile.

She is the main facilitator for running courses and lectures on inner leadership, women empowerment, and self-Management among others. Currently based at the Global Peace House meditation centre, she leads by example on integrating ecological practices into spiritual teaching.

Maria Paula Cervera

Maria Paula , 25 years old, combines her professional activities as a psychologist with the study and practices of the ancient knowledge of Raja Yoga, personal development, spiritual growth in Brahma Kumaris. For 13 years she has been volunteering altruistically, recently as coordinator of the advertising team, as a member of the logistics and planning team for the different events of the National Headquarters in Bogotá.

She has participated in Colombia in environmental initiatives for several years, and in global events that contribute to the mental and spiritual well-being of people, like Flourishing Futures. She was invited by the UN to leave a message of reflection and inspiration on International Youth Day in 2016; That same year, she was invited to Buenos Aires to participate in a retreat with young Latin American entrepreneurs, where the role of spirituality in these times of change was reviewed. She has received training in India in the State of Rajasthan, World Headquarters of Brahma Kumaris related to issues of spiritual development for her first time in 2016.

She is currently participating in several international projects with the United Nations and the Environment and Youth team of Brahma Kumaris worldwide. In 2019, she participated in the COP25 (The United Nations Conference on Climate Change of 2019) and COY15 (Youth Conference on climate change), from Santiago de Chile, where she shared from her experience, on the road to self-transformation, with which they contribute to transform the general vision towards a better world for all, with the help of meditation, inner wisdom, and spirituality.

Martine Goder
Education/Flora Programme Manager at The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

She is the manager of the Flora Programme and the Education programme at the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Through her work her team restored forests, saved species from extinction and educated the Mauritian people and especially the younger generation about the uniqueness of their natural heritage, the threats it faces and what can be done to protect it.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation and preservation of the nation’s endangered plant and animal species.

Gunsham Seeborun (Manoj) 
President & Founder of F.A.L.C.O.N Association

Born to a planter’s family, Gunsham practices farming from the age of 10 which subsequently allowed him to successfully set up an organic farm and training centre called FALCON AGROECOLOGY PEAS MODEL FARM which is now an innovative model farm in Mauritius. Since 2004, Gunsham has been the President and founder of NGO – FALCON Association (Farmers in Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperatives, and Organic Network), formerly known as FALCON Citizen League.

FALCON association has been a strong advocate for local farmers in Mauritius & Rodrigues, focusing on agroecological farming, poverty alleviation, social well-being of locals, creation of cooperative business models and environmental care. Gunsham is also the Secretary of Falcon Bio-organic Farming Cooperatives Society Ltd and Mauritius Bio-Organic Cooperative Federation Ltd. In 2018, Gunsham was nominated by the World Farmers Organisation (WFO) to represent farmers and be a member of ACP-EU Follow up Committee 2018-2020. He is also a member of IFOAM – Organics International, INOFO, Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU).

Gunsham has also established strong and trustful relationships with Beijing Vocational School of Agriculture, Beijing Agronomist Society, Beijing Agriculture Science & Technology, Global Traditional Chinese Medicine & Health Knowledge. In congruent with farming, Gunsham champions leadership programs as they are the key to successful businesses- Gunsham as awardee of the Agri-Cooperative Business Management, leadership, & Planning with a Focus on Women & Youth.

Krishnee Appadoo

Krishnee is an academic at the University of Mauritius, on Environmental and Climate Change Law and Policy, Jurisprudence, and International Development Law & Policy. She holds an LLB with French Law, a Diploma in French Legal Studies, an LLM in International Legal Practice, and an MA in Diplomacy. Krishnee is enrolled on a PhD with the University of Western Australia. She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

She has worked at the International Criminal Court, the UN, the Supreme Court of Mauritius, in a multinational company, and in NGOs. Krishnee was the SIDS Youth Focal Point for the AIMS region for the UN Major Group of Children and Youth. She has published about environmental and climate change law and policy. She is the co-founder and co-director of Mind Matters Mauritius and is a climate, gender, youth, and mental health activist